Thin Film Spectroscopic Reflectometer

thinfilm_reflectometer2Thin Film Spectroscopic Reflectometer is a fundamental instrument used for thin film thickness analysis for industry & research. Holmarc’s TFSR Model No: HO-HAI-TFR-01SP is able to analyze thin film’s thickness, complex refractive index & surface roughness with high speed & repeatability. TFSR theory works with complex matrix form of Fresnel equations for reflectance & transmittance. Absolute reflectance spectroscopy is the principle behind Reflectometer; which is the ratio of the intensity of

the reflected light beam (usually monochromatic) to the intensity of the incident beam. Light beam which normally incidents on the sample surface in turn reflect from top & bottom of the thin film surfaces which get interfere & is directed through Optical fiber to CCD attached spectrometer via computer. On the monitor we get spectrogram with interference oscillations directly proportional to thin film thickness.

Holmarc’s Reflectometer can be used to analyze single, multi-layer, free standing & rough layer thickness of various stacks such as di-electric, crystalline, amorphous, metallic & absorbing samples. It also finds absolute transmittance & absorption directly. Roughness treatment is done with EMA modeling. It also finds Optical conductivity, molar Refractivity & Brewster’s angle of sample under study.

Features :

► Analyze single or multi-layer films
► Fiber optic probe for reflectance measurement at normal incident angle
► CCD linear array image sensor for simultaneous measurement of reflectance at each wavelength
► User extendable materials library
► Data can be saved as an Excel or text file
► Advanced mathematical fitting algorithm
► FFT based thickness measurement
► Extraction of thickness and optical constants
► Parameterized models


Film Thickness range : 25 nm – 1 μm
Reflectance Wavelength range : 400 nm – 900 nm
Transmittance / Absorbance range : 0 – 100%
Light source : Tungsten Halogen Quartz Lamp, 50W
Detector : CCD linear array, 3648 pixels
Spectrometer : Spectra CDS 215
Spectrometer wavelength range : VIS – NIR
Precision typically for SiO2 on NSF – 66 : ± 5 nm
Accuracy for same sample : ± 10 nm
Optical Power : 20 W
Light spot size : 1 mm
Spot size on sample : 5 mm
Optical fiber : Multimode Bi-furcated fiber with SMA fiber coupler
Reference Sample : Enhanced silver with Yttrium & Bare Aluminum
Standard Sample : SiO2 thin film on NSF – 66 Substrate
Measuring modes : Curve fitting / Regression Algorithms,
FFT, FFT + Curve Fit
Dispersion formulas : Cauchy’s, Sellmeiers, FFT & Empirical Models
EMA models : Linear EMA, Bruggemann,
Maxwell Garnett, Lorentz – Lorenz models
Material Library : Extendable Material user library
PC Interface : RS232 / USB