CapSee 9000 – Aluminum capsule saw



The CapSee aluminum capsule saw is especially designed as a companion system for the CapSee unit.
This manual saw sections the area precisely and quickly with no deformation, allowing measurements to be easily taken using the CapSee software system.

Design Specifically for Aluminum aerosol capsules!
Blades 100x22x0.6 mm 160 teeth
Speed 600 RPM
Power source 110V or 220V
Mechanism Custom clamping and rotating mechanism
Surplus material Surplus material Expelled via special drawer on the bottom

CapSee 9000 – Ensures the closure of medicinal Aluminum aerosol capsules


The CapSee system is capable of ensuring that Aluminum aerosol capsules are sealed properly. Medicinal aerosol sprays such as for Asthma or SARS utilize a unique sealing mechanism. However, to ensure that the closure is complete, statistical off-line analysis of the capsule is required.

The CapSee system is composed of a specially designed saw, optical unit and special software. The operator uses the saw to cut out a section of the capsule and expose the sealing closure. The operator then puts the capsule into the optical unit.

The optical unit utilizes two high resolution B/W cameras. These cameras provide a unique view of the closure. The software automatically places the measurement lines in the correct positions and analyzes the closure’s compliance with the standards. The system provides two types of measurements


  • Laser transmissive light – provides a profile of the outside of the capsule in order to measure the diameter at two points.
  • White reflective light – white reflective light provides insight into the internal sealing closure – allowing the compression ratio to be measured.



The two types of lights are activated automatically depending on what is currently being measured. As the two measurement types are on different focus planes, the system provides an option to manually switch between the two pre-focused planes.

At the end of the measurement cycle, the operator is presented with a report that can be used as proof for the accuracy of the closure. The system maintains a database of all previous reports and allows retrieval of old reports. The operator can also save images for future reference, along with the measurement values and line positions.

  • Ensures the closure of the aerosol capsules!
  • Automatic, safe and easy!
  • High accuracy and repeatability values!
  • The only custom-fit solution for medicinal aerosol capsules!
  • Multilingual & under Windows(TM)!
  • Approved by Valois!
Resolution 10 microns
GR&R 15% or better!
Diameters Two preset diameters using housing replacement
Light source Laser, white : automatically controlled
Camera Dual HR camera design
Focus Two focus planes, manual switch