Filled bottle



PS-21FBI Filled Bottle inspection system

PS-21FBI is high speed inspection system for foreign body in liquid. This model’s inspection speed is per 1,300EA (100ml) bottles. It searches glass, robber, rock, bug etc in filled bottle with high performance.

There are 4 cameras to improve precision of basement inspection ( opaque foreign-body, piece of glass and metal, crushed rock). Also, It designed as Rotary type to operate stable.? Specially, It takes Smart PC System to run cameras individually. The inspection images are displayed separately to manage insepction process and established database is help to manage the quality of product

  • Modern Design
  • Stable type by applying Smart PC System
  • High resolution digital camera
  • High resolution LED illumination
  • Monitoring system


Inspection Item
  • Sidewall
    ( Opaque foreign-body, bug, cellophane, paper, etc. )
  • Sidewall
    ( Opaque foreign-body, bug, cellophane, paper, etc. )
  • Basement
    ( Opaque foreign-body, piece of glass and metal,
    crushed rock, etc.)
Standard Specification
Size 2,400 X 2,400 X 2,000(H)
Weight 2,500 Kg
Speed 1300BPM
Voltage Input 220~460v
Electric Specification 220V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz
Cap Condition Inspection


PS-21 C S2


PS-21 C S2 Cap sealing and Filled level Inspection machine for Filled bottle

PS-21 C S2 is the linear type inspection machine which includes control rack inside and this model inspects the condition of cap sealing and filling level of filled PET or Glass bottle and eject the bad products automatically.

In terms of cap sealing inspection, the plastic, steel, aluminum are all available to inspect. From the filling level inspection, C model is possible to inspect the various liquid product such as water, CSD drink, juice by using camera vision system. In addition, this model include the printed date coding and labeling condition inspection, this is an advantage in reducing space and budget than install the other inspection machine independently.

PS-21 C S2 can apply to the product line without modifying the conveyor, because, this model equip the electrical lift for adjusting the machine height to inspect various bottle size.

  • Include control rack inside of machine
  • Linear type structure
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Equipped the electrical lift for adjusting height.
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Various Eject Systems
  • Provide customized inspection items
  • High-intensity LED illumination
  • Module type inspection
  • Apply the various containers


Inspection Item
  • Cap sealing condition
  • Filling Level
  • Labeling condition
  • Date coding condition
  • Different type of cap
Standard Specification
Size 1,100 X 900 X 1,700(H)
Weight 300Kg
Speed Standard : 700BPM
Maximum : 1,500BPM
Electric Specification 220V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz
Cap Condition Inspection


Cap Application


Inspection Theory


Camera & illumination


PS-21CS2CsdLiquid PS-21CS2MinaralWater PS-21CS2SoyaMilk PS-21CS2HotFilled
CSD Liquid Mineral Water Soy Silk Hot Filled Juice/td>
PS-21CS2Camera2 PS-21CS2Camera3