PP 500 ALPHA Industrial Transfer Peristaltic Pump With Max 12 Ltr/min Flow

Industrial Transfer Peristaltic Pump

Used in admixture conveyors, tubular centrifuges and other equipment supporting the use


Model No: PP 500 Alpha

► Max flow 12000 ml/min
► Max speed 600 rpm

  • Power off save: Can automatically save the control parameters when the last power failure
  • One key full speed: For quick cleaning, filling, emptying of pipes
  • Flow Calibration: After setting the target flow, input the actual flow value, and the system will automatically perform flow correction
  • Suction function: Pump can be customized to reverse operation after shutdown to prevent liquid dripping
  • External control function: Support RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, the protocol can also be customized according to customer needs
  • Can be cascaded: Bidirectional large twist cabinet, low power consumption motor, can cascade multiple pump heads
Technical Parameters
Dive model PP 500 ALPHA
Max Speed 600RPM (reversible)
Max Flow 12000ML/MIN
Speed mode Digital knob to adjust the speed
Dispaly method 4-digit LED displays current speed or flow
Suction angle 10 degree – 720 degree (0 degree means no back suction)
Suction Speed 10-3000rpm
Power Supply AC220V+-10% (standard) or AC100V+-10% (optional)
Power <400W
External control interface Start control/direction control/speed control (0.5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA optional) RS485 serial communication
Drive Size 364*238*226 (mm)
Drive weight 19 Kg