PP 500 ALPHA Digital Speed Peristaltic Pump With Max 6 Ltr/min Flow

Digital Speed Peristaltic Pump

Used in chemical, photovoltaic and other industries, and used in conjunction with filling machines, dispensing machines and other equipment


Model No: PP 500 Alpha

► Max flow 6000 ml/min
► Max speed 600 rpm

  • Minimalist operation: Low power consumption motor, digital knob is easy to operate, long life
  • Adapt to multiple pump heads: Various pump heads such as YZ series, DG series and TX series can be installed
  • External control operation: With RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, analog conrol
  • Power-off memory: Can automatically save the control parameters when the last power failure
  • Flow calibration: Multiple calibrations can be performed to reduce flow rate errors and ensure flow accuracy
  • Full speed function: Feaures a convenient full speed button for quickly filling or emptying the hose
Technical Parameters
Dive model PP 500 ALPHA
Max Speed 600RPM
Max Flow 6000ML/MIN
Drive Size 254*184*150mm
Drive weight 4.8 Kg
Dispaly method 4-digit LED displays current speed/flow
Speed mode Digital knob to adjust the speed
Power Supply AC200V+-10% (standard) or AC100V+-10% (optional)
External control method Start control/direction control/speed control (0.5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA options) RS485 serial communication