CO2 Gas Purity Tester

Carbon Dioxide CO2 Purity Tester

CO2 Purity Tester “consists of a caustic reservoir and calibrated absorption burette mounted to a PVC polished frame. The reservoir and burette are held to the frame with two neoprene covered mounting bands that are adjustablefrom the rear side of the frame. The absorption burettes are available in five different calibrations, with the standard burette graduated in tenths of one percent, the total being one percent of the volume of the burette. The caustic reservoir has a line indicating the level to which caustic solution should be added, which volume is slightly in excess of the capacity of the absorption burette.

CO2 Purity Tester

Technical data
Measuring range 99.0%~100%,v/v CO2
Dimensions 250 x 250 x 80 mm (L x H x W)
Net Weight 0.75 kg