Hot and Cold Stages

Hot & Cold StageInstec was founded over two decades ago by a group of pioneering liquid crystal researchers, therefore our microscope heating and cooling stage systems are designed specifically with liquid crystal applications in mind. Over the years, Instec has continued its effort to respond to the needs of the experimental community and has developed a series of thermal stages to suit different application needs. Our heating and cooling stages offer many features which are unique in the marketplace, such as dual heating with variable sample chamber height, large viewing aperture, and easy electrical access to the sample.

Instec hot and cold stages have been used in a variety of research fields, including:

Biology Biophysics Dentistry Food Science
Forensics FTIR Geology Liquid Crystals
Material Science MEMS Nanomaterials Optical Microscopy
Pharmaceutics Polymers Raman Scattering Rheology
Semiconductors X-Ray

Instec’s basic hot and cold stage systems consist of a hot and cold stage, a standalone temperature controller,
and WinTemp – a Windows based software.

Model Temperature Range Sample Chamber Area Dual Heaters2 Peltier
Vacuum /Gas Tight Inverted4 Wide Aperture
HCS302 -190°C to 400°C 38 mm x 50 mm 1
HCS302G -190°C to 400°C 38 mm x 50 mm G
HCS402 -190°C to 400°C 38 mm x 50 mm 1
HCS621G/V -190°C to 600°C 22 mm x 22 mm G/V
HCS622G/V -190°C to 600°C 38 mm x 38 mm G/V
FS1 -60°C to 200°C 38 mm x 50 mm 1
CLM77K -190°C to 120°C Holder for Nine3 mm grids
CLM77Ki -190°C to 120°C Holder for Nine 3 mm grids
TS62 -30°C to 120°C 38 mm x 68 mm 1
TS102 -30°C to 120°C 38 mm x 57 mm 1
TS62 -30°C to 90°C 38 mm x 50 mm 1
TS102G/V -40°C to 120°C 33 mm x 91 mm1 G/V
TS104G -30°C to 90°C 101 mm x 101 mm 1 G
TSA12Gi 0°C to 60°C Φ 40.5 mm G
HCS321Gi -80°C to 250°C 22 mm x 25 mm G
HS1300 Ambient to 1300°C 16 mm x 16 mm G
HS1400 Ambient to 1400°C 16 mm x 16 mm G
HS1500 Ambient to 1500°C 16 mm x 16 mm G
  1. Side loading model or can accommodate a 25 mm x 75 mm slide.
  2. . Dual Heaters: Hot and Cold Stage model has dual heaters located both below and above the sample chamber, which provides ultra temperature uniformity.
  3. Peltier Cooling: Thermal Stage models use the thermoelectric effect for heating and cooling and do not require additional sample chamber cooling accessories (i.e. no LN2-SYS Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Accessory).
  4. Hot and cold stages designed specifically for inverted microscopes.