Quality control has always been the most important element
in today’s competitive environment. It is not a desired
situation that a product, which has been packed and will be
sent to the customer after a long process to be missing or
excessive, in terms of both the consumer rights and the
company’s expenses. At this final stage of production, Esit
Octaline Check Weigher checks whether the weight of the
packed product is, in line with accepted value weight of the

Esit Octaline Check Weigher is composed of weighing belt
and digital control terminal. Weighing belt runs
automatically by integrating in existing belt system The
products are weighed while they are passing on the
weighing belt, the packages with non-conforming weight or
number of parts are determined. Audio and visual warning
system runs for non-confirming packages; furthermore
there are some rejection options such as marking, piston
separation, tilting etc. for sorting such products out of the

Esit Octaline Check Weigher’ digital control unit is capable
of reporting. Reports taken with regards to the production
quantities and missing package quantities are assessed as
important data during production control in the company.

  • Static dynamic weighing
  • High accuracy
  • Self-driven weighing belt
  • Height adjustable tray
  • Quantity and weight based reporting facilities
  • Computer and printer output facility
  • Reject system options
Technical Specifications
Maximum Speed 60 pcs/min 45 pcs/min
Capacity 40 – 6000 g 100 – 15000 g
Maximum Accuracy ± 2g ± 5g
Belt Width 300mm
Belt Length 340-450-550mm
Protection IP54
Height from the Floor 600-1000mmve +/- 50mm
Conveyor TPU Thermoplastic Belt
Engines 36V DC Brushless Motor
Feeding 210-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 400W
Operating Temperature 15°C / 45°C
Standard Equipment
  1. Weighing Belt
  2. Entry Belt
  3. Control Panel
  1. Reject System
    Piston and Roller Rejection (Including slide)
    Piston and Belt Rejection (No slide is given)
  2. Legal Status: Sealable